Miniature Chainmaille

So, I learnt how to make chainmaille at the end of October and brought it back to my classroom.  The Home Ec students thought the bracelet and pendant looked great, so I ordered a jewellery making kit from in Saskatoon.  Along with the jewellery kit, I ordered some very small rings for myself.  The students have been making the bracelets, some with more success than others.  I started on a miniature chainmaille shirt.  I bought a doll off of Ebay ( so I could do it roughly to scale.  I’ve been working on it during lunch and when the girls were working on their bracelets.

So far I’ve completed around the body and part of a sleeve.


The body part slides on and off the doll easily.  I haven’t bothered taking the clothes off the doll (they aren’t removable anyways)Image

so it slides over the clothes.  I’m planning on attaching the sleeves to the body of the chainmaille and then keep adding rows across the sleeves and body.  I’ve crocheted arms to bodies for stuffed toys in a similar manner, and I think it’ll work out.

I’m not sure if I’m going to keep the shirt or not.  I started the shirt as a challenge for myself, to see if I could do it.  I don’t have a roombox to put it in, and it seems silly just to store it in a box.  On the other hand, I’ll never get the amount of time I’ve put into the shirt.  I’ll try to figure out what to do with it when I’m finished, I guess.

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Dollhouse Tote Bag

A while back I found a pattern for a crocheted tote bag on WordPress from here:
I thought it looked quite nice, and thought I could crochet it in dollhouse scale. I used silk sewing thread and it turned out about 1/2 inch tall and wide.
I hadn’t realized that the flowers weren’t included in the pattern, so I ended up making up the flower I sewed onto one side of the bag. I think I might try it again with #80 tatting thread and see how big the bag ended up being.

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Flower Pillows

Last week I sold a red flower afghan on Ebay.  The buyer contacted me and asked if I made coordinating pillows.  I never have before, but told her I was willing to give it a try.  I made a few in granny square style, and one flower shaped pillow.  I tried three or four different ways to make the flower shaped pillow, but wasn’t happy with want I got.  I finally went into a couple of my crochet flower books and found a pattern I thought I could work with.  I had used the flower on hair clips before:


and thought I could modify it to work for pillows.

The red pillow turned out pretty good.  I made an insert filled with polyester fibrefill, crocheted the front and back together, and had a pillow.  The buyer loved it, and I sent it off with the rest of the items.

The pillow was relatively easy to do, now that I had a workable idea to make them with, so I made a couple of pink ones to put on Ebay.


I’ll see how it goes.  If they sell, I can try incorporating them into my Etsy store.  All in all, a successful new item.

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A while ago I checked out the miniature show listings at just to see if they had any listed for Canada.  They had a lot from the United States and Europe, plus a couple from Canada.  To my surprise, one of the shows listed was in Winnipeg, which is about 1 hour from where I live in Winkler.  It turns out there is a miniature group in Winnipeg called the Miniature Enthusiasts of Winnipeg, or MEOW.  We were coming into Winnipeg anyways for SAGE, a series of teacher seminars, during the weekend of the show, so we stayed an extra night at went to the show today.

Tiffany had a great time looking at all the dollhouses and roomboxes.  Both she and Jasmine got to pick out a miniature at the door, so they picked up some miniature food items for their toys to play with.  I got to talk with some people about miniatures, and showed them some of the afghans I’ve crocheted. 

The session I went to at SAGE was about learning to make chain maille jewellery.  One of the pictures the presenter, Julia Hamm, had was a chain maille shirt on a Lego figure.  Julia has a website with some of her work at  It was a great session, and I think it would be neat to maybe try to make a chain maille shirt in miniature size.  I think I would eventually like to try a room box in a medieval theme.  Something to contemplate when I have more free time.  I’m planning on showing my students what I made and see if there is any interest in the craft.

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Vehicle Decals

My husband spent part of today putting decals on the minivan and Equinox. We bought them off of Etsy a while ago, but just put them on today. We bought a family set of Minions for the minivan and a set of Star Wars figures for the Equinox. Tiffany was absolutely thrilled because we also bought a couple of little hamster decals, so Panda is also in line with everybody. Jasmine really likes the hamster decals because it means that she isn’t last in line. Originally I was looking for a set of zombie family decals, but these others looked so cute that we went with them instead. The girls had a really good time picking out their particular minion or Star Wars character. Tiffany went with an Ewok, and Jasmine picked out the female Padawan. Everybody’s happy!

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Granny Square Ripple Afghan

I’ve got a new type of afghan I’ve put up on Ebay.  I’ll see how it goes.



I saw a similar afghan in a catalogue that I get.  I saw the picture and thought, “I can do that.”

I think it turned out pretty good.  I wasn’t 100% sure about the burgundy and pink together, but it goes better than I thought it would.  I might try it out in quarter scale later on this year.  I’ll have to see.

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Cat Afghan

A while back while I was exploring the Internet, I found a site that had a crochet stitch that ended up looking like rows of cats.  I thought it looked really good, so I did one in miniature:


 I thought it turned out pretty good, so I gave it a try with a variegated thread.

Variegated Cat Stitch

Variegated Cat Stitch

I’m not as happy with the variegated cat afghan as I am with the solid thread afghan.  I’m not too sure why it didn’t turn out as nice.  My only thought is that the variegated thread was too close in colour to the white and grey threads.  It’s too bad.  It had looked really cool in my head.


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