My students have been trying out origami the last few weeks in the Home Ec class.  One of the tutorials that we followed on youtube was for a dragon:


It took me a number of tries to get in right.  I found that the head of the dragon was very hard for me to fold out.  It turns out I wasn’t going into the paper fold far enough to pull out the paper to get a diamond shape.  Once I got that far, it pretty much fell into place.  I’m not saying mine look as good, but my daughters are pretty happy with their versions of the dragon.  The students did okay with them, but their attempts certainly shows who pays attention to details and who doesn’t.

It turns out that it is very important to get the folds in the corners as precise as possible.  If you don’t, the folds later on get further and further from looking as crisp as they should be.  And later on, there are little details that need that crispness in the original folds.

Now that I’m pretty confident with the dragon, I’ve been trying an owl:

Quite frankly, it isn’t going as good as it could be.  I’m able to get to the point where I’ve got the eyes showing up, but I can’t seem to get further than that.  I’m folding it wrong in the head behind the beak somehow, and I can’t seem to figure it out.  Have to try it a few more times, I guess.  I had started watching the video for a unicorn:


But I tell you, unless I master the owl, I am so not attempting the unicorn.  There is just so much complicated puffy folds happening that I don’t even know how it’s possible to do.  Maybe some day, but I’m thinking not any time in the near future.  I think I’m going to have to build up to it.  For now, the owl is kicking my butt pretty bad.


About tiffsniffer

I am a high school teacher at an alternative education setting. I like to crochet, read, bake and play computer games.
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