Been a While

Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted here!  Time has a way of getting away from me.  I find that unless I get a nudge, I tend to put things off.  The thought at the back of my mind is “I can always do that tomorrow.”  But as a wise man once said, tomorrow never comes.

I got a nudge today when someone commented on a post I made three years ago.  I meant to come back sooner, but it’s like the Procrastinator’s Club who’s initial meeting is always put off until next week.

I’m still crocheting dollhouse afghans for Ebay and Etsy.  I’ve got a few new patterns that I’ve incorporated into the mixture.  One that I really like the look of is an owl afghan I crocheted.  I like the way that the colours turned out in the owls.  Each owl has two shades of the same hue in them.  I ended up crocheting the eyes and beaks separately and then sewing them on.  The pupils are done in French knots.  It’s one of the few afghans that I actually created the squares on my own.

The edging is done in a variegated thread I had  left from another project.  It pretty much used up the rest of that spool of thread.  I think I had about three inches left by the end of it.  If I were to make the afghan again, I think I would make it 5 squares by 6 squares the next time.  The afghan ended up a bit smaller than I thought it would.  I thought the crocheting the strips together would make it extend further out than it ended up doing.  Live and learn.

One of the first things I did getting back to this site was to see how many views I’ve gotten on my previous posts.  I’m pretty surprised at how many people have looked at what was essentially an abandoned blog.  I can’t guarantee how often I’ll be back, but I’ll definitely try to make it shorter than three years.  Thanks for reading!


About tiffsniffer

I am a high school teacher at an alternative education setting. I like to crochet, read, bake and play computer games.
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2 Responses to Been a While

  1. lucyannluna says:

    Very pretty, lovely colours

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