Blue Chainmaille Necklace

During my Christmas holidays, I tackled a new project. I bought a variety of jump rings and made a chainmaille necklace for a doll. The necklace is about 2 inches long from tip to tip. The chainmaille section is about 3/4 inches long from one end to another, and about 3/8 inches from top layer to bottom jump ring.

I put a light blue translucent seed bead on each jump ring. It turns out that not all seed beads have the same width for their hole. About half of the beads wouldn’t slide onto the jump ring. After I put the chainmaille section together, I added the thin chain. (I bought the jump rings and chain at Walmart.) Putting the ring at one end wasn’t too bad, but creating the toggle clasp was interesting. An awful lot of bending happened. I created the clasp from a larger sized jump ring. I kept worrying that the ring would snap, but it didn’t. Trying to get it the right length to fit through the ring was a bit tricky, as well.
I finally did get it through when on the doll, but it took a while. I’m blaming it on my fingers being fat.
I don’t think the clasp would withstand the doll being played with vigorously, but it should stay on a sedentary doll just fine. I’m pleased with how it looks. I wasn’t sure if the beads would be able to be seen, but they are more visible than I thought they might be. The thickness of the chain worked as well. The links were small and a pain to open and close, but it did work out. I ended up going with silver since that was the only colour available for the chain. The store was out of gold coloured jump rings as well. I think red beads would go well with gold, but I might try them with the silver jump rings that I now have.


About tiffsniffer

I am a high school teacher at an alternative education setting. I like to crochet, read, bake and play computer games.
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