Been a While

Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted here!  Time has a way of getting away from me.  I find that unless I get a nudge, I tend to put things off.  The thought at the back of my mind is “I can always do that tomorrow.”  But as a wise man once said, tomorrow never comes.

I got a nudge today when someone commented on a post I made three years ago.  I meant to come back sooner, but it’s like the Procrastinator’s Club who’s initial meeting is always put off until next week.

I’m still crocheting dollhouse afghans for Ebay and Etsy.  I’ve got a few new patterns that I’ve incorporated into the mixture.  One that I really like the look of is an owl afghan I crocheted.  I like the way that the colours turned out in the owls.  Each owl has two shades of the same hue in them.  I ended up crocheting the eyes and beaks separately and then sewing them on.  The pupils are done in French knots.  It’s one of the few afghans that I actually created the squares on my own.

The edging is done in a variegated thread I had  left from another project.  It pretty much used up the rest of that spool of thread.  I think I had about three inches left by the end of it.  If I were to make the afghan again, I think I would make it 5 squares by 6 squares the next time.  The afghan ended up a bit smaller than I thought it would.  I thought the crocheting the strips together would make it extend further out than it ended up doing.  Live and learn.

One of the first things I did getting back to this site was to see how many views I’ve gotten on my previous posts.  I’m pretty surprised at how many people have looked at what was essentially an abandoned blog.  I can’t guarantee how often I’ll be back, but I’ll definitely try to make it shorter than three years.  Thanks for reading!

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Bavarian Crochet

Got a little caught up on crocheting dollhouse afghans (not really, but close enough), so I decided to try my hand at Bavarian crochet. I bought the book last summer, but didn’t really have any time to give it a shot. Finished an afghan to list on both Etsy and Ebay, so started on an afghan for Ebay next week. Got the hang of it, so switched to a quarter scale afghan instead. Got that finished:

Quarter Scale Afghan

Quarter Scale Afghan

It was easier than I thought. It was a bit of a pain with the sewing thread and 0.35mm hook, but easy enough with the tatting thread version. I’m still working on the tatting thread one. It’s two shades of purple and cream, and looking quite nice. I’m not too sure how many rounds it will end up being. I’m on row 6 right now and it’s maybe half the size I would like it to be.

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Chainmaille Owl

I went and spent my Christmas money on a lot of jump rings and instructions from towards the end of January.  I’ve been working on some of the chains in the book I ordered, Chains by Becky.    Rather than making an entire bracelet, I’ve been making small chains and putting them on earring hooks with beads for Tiffany.  I made a bracelet using the Half Persian 3 in1 chain since it was the basis of creating the chainmaille owl.

I ordered green and brown jump rings to make the owl and I think it turned out pretty sharp.


The feet are adjustable, so he stands on his own.  His tail keeps him balanced on the other side.Image

The kit came with scales with the feathers etched on them.  The wings can move up and down as well.  For the most part, they either stay completely up or completely down.


He ended up being about an inch tall and about 3/4 inches wide across the body. 


I’m happy with him. 


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Blue Chainmaille Necklace

During my Christmas holidays, I tackled a new project. I bought a variety of jump rings and made a chainmaille necklace for a doll. The necklace is about 2 inches long from tip to tip. The chainmaille section is about 3/4 inches long from one end to another, and about 3/8 inches from top layer to bottom jump ring.

I put a light blue translucent seed bead on each jump ring. It turns out that not all seed beads have the same width for their hole. About half of the beads wouldn’t slide onto the jump ring. After I put the chainmaille section together, I added the thin chain. (I bought the jump rings and chain at Walmart.) Putting the ring at one end wasn’t too bad, but creating the toggle clasp was interesting. An awful lot of bending happened. I created the clasp from a larger sized jump ring. I kept worrying that the ring would snap, but it didn’t. Trying to get it the right length to fit through the ring was a bit tricky, as well.
I finally did get it through when on the doll, but it took a while. I’m blaming it on my fingers being fat.
I don’t think the clasp would withstand the doll being played with vigorously, but it should stay on a sedentary doll just fine. I’m pleased with how it looks. I wasn’t sure if the beads would be able to be seen, but they are more visible than I thought they might be. The thickness of the chain worked as well. The links were small and a pain to open and close, but it did work out. I ended up going with silver since that was the only colour available for the chain. The store was out of gold coloured jump rings as well. I think red beads would go well with gold, but I might try them with the silver jump rings that I now have.

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Chainmaille Shirt Continued

I’ve continued to work on my chainmaille shirt at work and have attached a sleeve and started the second sleeve.


The nose on the doll I’ve bought to put the shirt on has the paint wearing off.  So far the shirt fits, so I hope it will continue once I have the second sleeve on.  Bringing the ends together and attaching them is difficult with such tiny rings, but I’m getting there.  Once I’ve finished the top half of the shirt, I’ll make a decision as to whether or not it’s long enough on the bottom.  So far, so good!

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Miniature Chainmaille

So, I learnt how to make chainmaille at the end of October and brought it back to my classroom.  The Home Ec students thought the bracelet and pendant looked great, so I ordered a jewellery making kit from in Saskatoon.  Along with the jewellery kit, I ordered some very small rings for myself.  The students have been making the bracelets, some with more success than others.  I started on a miniature chainmaille shirt.  I bought a doll off of Ebay ( so I could do it roughly to scale.  I’ve been working on it during lunch and when the girls were working on their bracelets.

So far I’ve completed around the body and part of a sleeve.


The body part slides on and off the doll easily.  I haven’t bothered taking the clothes off the doll (they aren’t removable anyways)Image

so it slides over the clothes.  I’m planning on attaching the sleeves to the body of the chainmaille and then keep adding rows across the sleeves and body.  I’ve crocheted arms to bodies for stuffed toys in a similar manner, and I think it’ll work out.

I’m not sure if I’m going to keep the shirt or not.  I started the shirt as a challenge for myself, to see if I could do it.  I don’t have a roombox to put it in, and it seems silly just to store it in a box.  On the other hand, I’ll never get the amount of time I’ve put into the shirt.  I’ll try to figure out what to do with it when I’m finished, I guess.

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Dollhouse Tote Bag

A while back I found a pattern for a crocheted tote bag on WordPress from here:
I thought it looked quite nice, and thought I could crochet it in dollhouse scale. I used silk sewing thread and it turned out about 1/2 inch tall and wide.
I hadn’t realized that the flowers weren’t included in the pattern, so I ended up making up the flower I sewed onto one side of the bag. I think I might try it again with #80 tatting thread and see how big the bag ended up being.

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